The Thorlo Experia Coolmax sports socks are perfect for when you're seeking incredible athleticism in your power walking, running, hiking or your favourite sport. It’s all about you and your feet achieving optimal performance.

Breathability is top notch thanks to the mesh design, which also maintains the lightweight you love.

You get an amazing glove-like fit thanks to the nylon covered Lycra. The lightweight comfort is ideal alongside the tough frame and padding to keep your feet protected.

Thorlo pads are located strategically in zones of high pressure. The pads provide heightened shock absorption - the socks take on the stress so the balls of your feet and heels don’t have to. This means you get a smoother rhythm from your walk, no matter the activity.

Forget sweat - the Coolmax system of the ball and heel pads offers unbelievable moisture management. Your feet stay feeling fresh, cool and dry while the sweat is wicked away.

Alongside sweat, rubbing and chafing are up there on the list of nasties that you shouldn’t have to tolerate during your fitness regime.

Thanks to the Achilles Tendon pad of the Thorlo Experia Coolmax men’s socks, you get ultimate protection from rubbing and chafing, plus superior heel lock for extra security.